IPython and inline matplotlib

I’m trying out IPython. I’m also playing around with machine learning which means I need some simple data visualization, so I’m playing around with matplotlib. Here’s how to display generated plots inline (as opposed to in a popup window); the docs are inconsistent.

QT: ipython qtconsole –matplotlib inline

Notebook: launch with “ipython notebook”, then run “%matplotlib inline” in a notebook.

Here’s a sample program that generates and shows a plot:

from matplotlib import pyplot as plt
years = range(1950, 2020, 10)
gdp = [300, 543, 1075, 2862, 5979, 10289, 14958]
plt.plot(years, gdp, color='green', marker='o', linestyle='solid')

3 thoughts on “IPython and inline matplotlib

  1. Did you get anything interesting back when asking the lazyweb for survey material on machine learning?

      1. I have the Python one, found it a bit broader and shallower than I expected. The other one I hadn’t seen, looks interesting, thanks!

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