New LoL NA servers

Riot is finally moving the North American League of Legends game servers from the west coast to somewhere more central, Chicago,. Their network operations guy RiotAhab has been making a series of great posts about netops, his post about the move is good reading. Also buried in the discussion is a comment from dArtaganan, a Riot employee, giving us a new server IP: (Compare old IPs like

A simple ping from my house to the new IP is 70ms. Some random other Chicago IP was about 60ms. Theoretical best RTT (speed of light in copper) is 30ms. Riot is promising ping increases of “up to 30ms” for west coasters, which would put me at 65ms.

That IP is in AS6507. My route to them from my Kansas server (12ms away) ends at, which could be a Cogent datacenter like this one. Or maybe Cogent just provides the link and the warehouse is owned by someone else. Note the old west coast IPs are also in that ASN, Riot didn’t set up a new one.

Riot’s ASN has 110 peers, which is impressive; compare 13 for my ISP or 6 for my server. Google has 200+, mega-backbone has nearly 4000. Anyway, Riot’s peering efforts are clearly visible. I imagine each one of those 110 peers is a separately negotiated contract.