Nelson's log

LoL dotmap

Fresh off my heatmap attempt I made a second map of a single LoL game using a dot map. One dot per player recorded position (28,000 in all), colored by team.

I think this treatment works better; the team color is really important information. But I miss the emphasis of dwell times that the heatmap accumulation algorithm gives. I’ve tried to fake it by using dots with 20% opacity but that’s pretty bogus. (Also easy to fudge, depending on dot size, opacity, and stroke weight you use.)

Still, an improvement, and I’ve also got a data extractor that’s creating more structured data so I can track individual players.

I did this in D3js because it was easy to. But I want to produce a static final output so there’s really no need for Javascript. I should look into data plotting tools in other languages. Maybe this is a time to try out some more of the big data Python tools, or see what Octave has up its sleeve. I think something like the heatmap algorithm is really what I want.