Nelson's log

Rant: Apple Store Stonestown shoddy repairs

My second time trying to repair my iMac, my second failure.

I took my 2011 iMac in for extended warranty repair after a hardware crash related to the video card. I got the machine back a week later with a new video card. And a new logic board, which I didn’t ask for, but their testing indicated a problem and they replaced it for free. OK, thanks!

But they’d screwed up the repair. Specifically the WiFi didn’t work at all, which is unacceptable. Also a new problem, a weird chirping noise coming from the right side of the machine when high-contrast areas on screen were scrolled, like in Sublime Text black text on white background. I could live with that but it suggested maybe something wasn’t grounded or shielded right.

So I took it back for the WiFi problem. And got it back a week later, along with a sheepish admission that they plugged the antenna in to the logic board this time. OK, mistakes happen. Then I get the machine home and plug it in and surprise! There’s a big wodge of dust under the screen, about 7 x 4 pixels big. Nice job, Geniuses! The screen chirping noise is still there too.

Now I don’t know what to do. And Apple makes it difficult enough to get through to a human I’m not confident my problem will get fixed. Any reasonable fix will at the least involve me not having the machine for a few days and probably having to lug the machine in again to the Apple store, which takes about an hour each way.

The whole premise of Apple’s high prices is they get stuff right. Their repair folks in Stonestown sure didn’t succeed.

Update: took 20 minutes but talked to a repair manager at Stonestown. No explanation for how they’d screw up a repair twice, but at least polite acknowledgement that it isn’t right. Best they can offer me is I make an appointment to bring it in again and they’ll make it a priority repair, hopefully same day.