LoL lag on Wifi

When I play LoL with a wired connection to my router in Grass Valley it looks like this. But when I play via WiFi it looks like this. Periodic ping spikes, from the usual 85ms to 170ms or so. Note the packet loss number is the same, about 10 packets/s. This ping pattern is not particularly noticeable while playing, but sometimes on WiFi I’ve had serious lag, disconnects, etc. Not so much when wired.

The WiFi link is as good as it could be. I’m 10 feet from the router, clear line of site, 30dB SNA. 802.11n, 5GHz, relatively quiet network. Either there’s something broken with the hardware or else WiFi really is just this unreliable. Need to experiment more. I sure wish I knew what algorithm LoL used to report ping. Last time I did the packet dissection work it looked like it was the RTT time on special ping/pong packets. Maybe they get lost and are retransmitted?

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