Still working away on my LoL / Slack bot. Today’s project was rejiggering all the code to use a new synthetic “personId” as the primary identifier. Previously I was using “summonerId”, but that’s only unique to a single region (like North America) and now I need to make the thing work for multiple regions.

Scary code change because it touches all the files and a lot of assumptions. But no changed types; it’s swapping one int for another. My simple test suite paid off in spades here, giving me the confidence my changes worked. So far so good!

I even had to do a database migration, adding a column to a couple of tables. That I just hacked up by hand but it seems to have done the job. I need to do another now to drop the superfluous column. Unfortunately sqlite doesn’t really support dropping columns, will have to do some more complicated stuff involving creating a new table and renaming it.