sqlite3 vs postgres: uneasy feeling

I continue to write my LoL Slack bot with sqlite3. I can live with the primary drawback of sqlite3, which is that writes require a database level lock (ie: no table or row locking). In normal use I should only ever have one writer to the database anyway. But I still have a nagging feeling I should use “a real database”. Ie: Postgres

The nervousness is I’m writing more complex code that’s wedded to sqlite. I’m using sqlite’s upsert equivalent, for which there is no standard syntax. I’m also using sqlite’s Python convenience feature of not using cursor objects. And just now I’m starting to pay attention to Python’s weird transactional semantics, which I suspect might be different in Postgres. In short my code has been dating sqlite for awhile but now things are getting serious and I’m getting commitment anxiety. Also Postgres has some alluringĀ features I could use, like JSON and array types.

The underlying question is whether Postgres is really “better” for my kind of application. I suspect not, and part of why I stick with sqlite is to test that assumption, but the cost of being wrong is getting higher. The flip side is managing a Postgres daemon is still a PITA. Particularly on Ubuntu where upgrading is scary.