Nelson's log

MacOS 10.9 to 10.11 upgrade

I upgraded my 2011 iMac from Mavericks to El Capitan. Partly on a whim, partly because a lot of apps no longer work with 10.9. Mostly pleased with the result, Apple really does a nice job on not breaking systems on upgrades, migrations, etc. Still some notes:

Homebrew. For my own notes, the output of “brew leaves” from my old system. I’m installing fewer of these things; in particular no octave or gcc. Installing this time to /usr/local/homebrew. I don’t like it installing in /usr/local/bin, etc; been burned by that going wrong.

bash-completion bcrypt clens cloc cloog duti exiftags fdupes ffmpeg
homebrew/fuse/fuse4x gcc homebrew/science/ggobi gist git grc icu4c
iftop iperf iperf3 jbig2dec jq homebrew/dupes/less homebrew/dupes/libpcap
libvo-aacenc mg mobile-shell mp4v2 mtr nmap node homebrew/science/octave
optipng ossp-uuid p7zip par2 pgdbf postgis pv pyqt python python3
q homebrew/dupes/rsync s3cmd homebrew/fuse/s3fs sshuttle unison
unrar wget wireshark

Packages to install this time:

bash-completion bcrypt exiftags ffmpeg gist git grc iftop iperf iperf3 jq homebrew/dupes/less mg mp4v2 mtr nmap optipng p7zip par2 pgdbf postgis pv homebrew/dupes/rsync s3cmd unison unrar wget

Everything installed with no drama except for postgresql (and postgis). It has some bug building in Homebrew related to libreadline and doesn’t seem to build with just the command line tools. Installing the full Xcode via the App Store fixed it.

osxfuse and sshfs didn’t install right via brew cask; simpler to download the installers and run them myself.