Nelson's log code bug

I like posting source code on my blog. has a bug where it re-escapes my code every time I edit it. I am creating this blog post to file a support ticket, because I’m now a paying customer.

The code I want to post is the Python code

int(“1”) & 2

Ie; take the string 1, cast it to an int, then bitwise and it with the integer 2. I chose this because both the ” and & may get HTML escaped.

I’m following these instructions for posting code. Note they dont’ tell you which editor mode to do this in; Visual or HTML mode. I’m going to do both.

Both of these displayed correctly the first time. But the moment I edited the post again and saved it, it escaped the ” to be " and the & to be & It will keep adding more escaping every time I edit it. It’s very annoying.

Visual mode

int("1") & 2


int("1") & 2


This bug is 4+ years old and yet still with us and seems to have been carried over to WordPress’ new visual editor, Calypso. I suspect they’re doing something naive like re-escaping every single time the editor switches modes. I tried asking front line support and just got a “need to look into this more” reply with a promise of an email followup.

Update: got a reply from support saying it was a known issue they were looking into and that “For now the solution is to stick to the HTML editor when writing code in blocks.” Well, that’s clear. I wonder if any of WordPress’ own engineers use WordPress to blog about code? Doesn’t this drive them crazy?