Nelson's log

freedns annoyance

I’ve been using for years for dynamic DNS, to access my home machines on dynamic IP addresses. Nice little service, valuable but not quite valuable enough to be paying money for.

Or so I thought. They have a thing where my domain name gets marked “dormant” and they change the DNS records to point to a static advertising site. I have to log in again to say “no I’m really using this still”, then wait for the one hour TTL expiration for things to work again. Ugh. Shades of DynDNS, the slow decline from being a useful free service to being crap.

I get it, they want to make money on me, OK. But their business goals are so modest it seems odd to inconvenience 2,500,000 free users in hopes of signing up 1000. Verification is useful; maybe they need to somehow clear out old unused names. Just wish there were some better way than “we broke your name good luck!”. Like a reminder email or something. The news page from 4 years ago says he’s working on a graceful notification. Guess that didn’t work out. (They seem to have been sending emails at one time but I’ve never seen one.)

The other DNS host I use is Hover, as part of their domain registry. They still don’t support any dynamic IP option.