adding lolslackbot to a new slack

I had to add my bot to a new Slack today (8 new users!) and forogtten how. My bot isn’t a full Slack App, it’s just a bot user, which in Slack terms is a “custom integration” tied to my personal user account for Nelson. Here’s the steps to set it up:

  1. Log into the Slack as Nelson, in the Web UI
  2. The account needs permissions to add custom integrations. You get this by default if you’re an Admin, otherwise it needs to be added under Team Settings / Permissions
  3. In upper left corner, click the down arrow near the Slack name to get to the menu for preferences / etc. Choose the “Apps & Integrations” option under the Slack team’s menu.
  4. Ignore the confusing app directory. Click “Manage” in upper right.
  5. Click Custom Integrations
  6. Click Bots
  7. Click Add Configuration
  8. Fill in the form and save it. Also copy the API token.
  9. I had a problem with a new Slack where I couldn’t add a Bot user, I think the UI acts differently for the very first integration. I managed to create the bot though by hitting this link:
  10. Create a channel for the reports to go to. (Or use an existing one.)
  11. Invite @gamebot to that channel.

That’s the Slack UI process for adding my bot. Kind of a mess, but it’s because I’m using the old bot interface and not the new fancy Slack App integration system that I should be.

After all that setup, then it’s on to Python code to find the channel token. Then set up the destination and subscriptions via code / SQL. All so manual, must build tools.

Speaking of tools I’m pretty convinced Django is the way forward. With a web UI, not some Slack interactive thing.