Nelson's log

Ubiquiti cranky customer

Very happy with my Ubiquiti network hardware. Unimpressed with the software experience. Just sent this cranky email to their support, where I’m sure I will get a canned “thanks for the note” reply and nothing will improve.

Your products have three problems that harm the perception of security. Y’all make excellent network hardware, but your software should be as excellent. I’ve already worked around these problems, just registering a complaint.

The Unifi Controller Mac application is not signed. MacOS refuses to launch it until I disable Gatekeeper security.

The Unifi Controller does not come with a valid SSL certificate. I realize this is complicated, but it’s a bad experience to require users to disable Chrome SSL checks to use the product.

Your reset password links from ZenDesk are being flagged as spam by Gmail. They say “Why is this message in Spam? It has a from address in but has failed’s required tests for authentication. Learn more”.

Thanks for listening,