NFS vs Samba

My music stops playing when I write a large video file to my server.

More technically, when I write 10MB/sec via NFS to my Ubuntu 14.04 server, the Samba server on the same host (and same disk) stops serving files reliably to my Sonos system.

The server’s definitely not CPU bound, nfsd is taking 5% of one CPU. It’s probably IO bound though. The NFS client doing the writing is MacOS with the automounter, so I’m guessing it’s UDP. I wonder if I’m simply flooding my 100Mbps ethernet with NFS traffic and the TCP Samba packets can’t get through?

This happens rarely enough I’m not going to put more time into figuring it out. Sure is an interesting failure mode though.


2 thoughts on “NFS vs Samba

  1. NFS of recent (this decade or so) vintage should default to TCP. If yours isn’t, you could try changing it since the failure mode of congestion packet loss of NFS-over-UDP is more traffic. SMB is becoming the default filesharing protocol of OS X so going back to SMB might end up being the simplest long-term option if the trouble is actually networking-related.

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