Setting up a new Jupyter data exploration notebook

Been a month since I had to set up Jupyter for a new project. Here’s all the steps, which seems awfully complicated for a “standard setup”. Some of that is idiosyncratic to me though.

  1. newvenv
    a shell alias I have. What it does:
    python3 -m venv venv;
    source venv/bin/activate;
    pip install -U setuptools pip
  2. pip3 install jupyter
  3. pip3 install matplotlib numpy pandas seaborn requests
    these are standard visualization libraries, plus a sane HTTP client. Fortunately these install from precompiled wheel files so it’s quick
  4. jupyter notebook –no-browser >> jupyter.log 2>&1 &
    Jupyter really, really wants to be an interactive program. This sort of makes it headless.
  5. ssh -L 8888:localhost:8888
    I’ve installed and run Jupyter on a server. I run this command on my local development machine to forward the port to access it.
  6. open http://localhost:8888/ in a browser
  7. %matplotlib inline
    Be sure to run this as the first command in the notebook