Python Pyramid framework

Interesting conversation on Reddit about scalable webapp frameworks. Lots of endorsements for Pyramids, the successor to the old Pylons project. After a brief review it looks like it’s similar to Flask. The Reddit discussion says it scales better, that it’s thread safe and there’s a hope of running it async.

I like what Pyramids says about philosophy:

Megaframeworks make decisions for you. But if you don’t fit their viewpoint, you end up fighting their decisions. Microframeworks force no decisions, making it easy to start. But as your application grows, you’re on your own.

In both cases, the focus is on the start: either too much or too little. Either way, finishing and staying finished is hard. You need a finishing-focused framework with an architectural design that scales down to getting started, then up as your application grows.

It seems to mostly be focussed on URL dispatch, with a structure for web views and sessions. And support for logging and testing! Also has some connectivity to various template libraries in Python. No database code at all, but there’s extensive docs on using SQLAlchemy. Also the note “Pyramid has a strong orientation towards support for transactions”.