Internet in the mud

This is what happens when my Ubiquiti wi-fi antenna outside falls off its mast into the mud

The network was surprisingly useful in the bad period. I didn’t really notice for basic web stuff, although I did notice video streaming was unreliable. The main thing I could measure was my ping time to the antenna (as measured by mtr) had a standard deviation of 28ms. 5% packet loss too. So something was wrong, but the hardware handled it robustly. What’s with the delayed pings, btw, is there some retransmit logic involved somewhere? In the wireless devices?

“In the mud”, btw, mostly meant on the ground. Fortunately it fell facing my house. But with little or no line of sight to the house. Mind you the other antenna in the house is literally behind a wall; it works well enough I’ve never bothered to mount it in the window.