League of Legends server IPs

Just writing this down so I don’t lose it. I haven’t verified these. But most of the old lists I’ve seen are no longer valid since Riot started doing its own peering.

  • NA – ping
  • EUW – ping
  • EUNE – ping
  • OCE – ping
  • LAN – ping

Source is this Reddit discussion about yet another ping checker. I wish Riot would build a small network diagnostic into the client, before a game starts. Many of these third party tools don’t measure round trip time correctly and none that I’ve seen measure packet loss.

Also I was curious so I just did an mtr to the NA address. Average response to the end is 92ms, which is about the same number the league reports as ping. Standard deviation is 12ms, best/worst is 73/140. That’s with ICMP probes, I don’t get responses from UDP probes.