Ah, Windows, ye olde errors

Bloom is off the rose with Windows. Or at least, Civilization 6, one of the games I switched to Windows to be able to play well. (It runs on Mac but 50% slower, and I wanted higher end graphics hardware.)

The whole system often freezes when exiting the game to desktop. Well that’s not quite right, Ctrl-Alt-Del still works and you can reboot or log out. But Alt-Tab doesn’t work to switch apps, which is odd because it works fine while the game is running.

GSync also doesn’t work. That’s the fancy variable framerate stuff. All sorts of screen tearing unless I enable VSync.

Both of these bugs could be specific to Civ 6. But it’s the kind of thing you’d think the OS and its graphics drivers would take care of uniformly for all games. Ha, as if.


One thought on “Ah, Windows, ye olde errors

  1. I’m morbidly impressed/curious how you went whole hog, rather than just use it for gaming. I don’t mean this in some religious sense, I’ve made the switch back and forth a bunch of times over the years myself. It seems especially odd that in the face of a fairly stagnant OS X, Microsoft spewed out two fitful lurches with Win 8 and Win 10 neither of which are in any obvious way ‘better’.

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