Two unrelated PS4 gripes

Sony’s online store site requires a login. The login requires third party cookies; logging in to requires setting using a cookie at, so it won’t work if you have third party cookies disabled. This breaks the Brave Browser, which disables third party cookies by default. It also breaks in Chrome if you disable the cookies. I thought Safari prevented third party cookies by default, I wonder if they have a workaround? The error displayed is

{“error”:”invalid_client”,”error_description”:”Bad client credentials”,”error_code”:4102,”parameters”:[]}

The PS4 operating system, or the apps, have a bug where if a game is put in the background the fan gets really loud. Ie, if you open the system menus. I assume instead of suspending processing entirely the game starts spinning consuming lots of CPU or GPU, generating heat, which makes the fan run. It’s dumb. A fan theory is that the games have no framerate cap and so they effectively render at 1000 FPS or whatever, but I think the problem may be broader than that.