Razer Blade 2017 opinions

I bought a laptop for my trip to Germany. Difficulty level: ultrabook, but able to play Windows games. Turns out you don’t have a lot of options. I ended up with a 2017 Razer Blade. Some thoughts:

It’s accomplished its goal, I like the machine. In ordinary use it’s a quiet nice laptop. Good keyboard, nice screen, and it’s silent. Light 2d games (Necrosphere, Heat Signature) also run silently on the Intel GPU. When I engage a demanding game (XCOM 2 mostly these days) the NVidia GPU kicks in and soon after, the giant ridiculous loud fans.

The fan noise is really awful. Like don’t make a phone call in the same room awful. it seems to mostly be turbulence sucking air in from the 1/8″ gap under the laptop. But with earplug-style headphones and in a different room from other humans it’s OK. Heat is acceptable. This is the compromise one has to live with putting a GPU this big in a laptop. I kinda wish I could have bought a lower power / cooler GPU. Or maybe figure out a way to underclock this one. Games autodetect highest settings and when i turned them down it’s a bit quieter.

My main complaint as a sorta-Ultrabook is the weight. 4 lbs is noticeably heavier than my old 3 lb Macbook Air. But then the machine is much more powerful, too. I also wish the screen didn’t have such an enormous bezel. I think most laptops are now sized to the panel, but I suspect this Razer machine is sized to something else and they picked the biggest panel that’d fit and it’ about an inch shy. The speakers in the machine aren’t great either, another unappreciated thing Apple does.

But pretty much this Razer Blade is a nice machine. I think I chose right. I continue to wish someone made a true ultrabook with just a slightly nicer GPU in it than stock. At this rate Intel’s gonna catch up before that happens.