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Leaflet heatmap options considered

I mentioned wanting a heatmap for some geographic data. Leaflet has a variety of heatmap plugins, I spent a couple of hours looking at them.

First, a word about heatmaps. A true heatmap has a feature where if you keep adding points (“heat”) to a spot, that heat diffuses and spreads out. In theory you could cover the whole world in hot red just adding to a single lat/lon because the heat diffuses (unless you have cooling/decay enabled). I want this feature. Calculating diffusion like this is complicated and slow. So most “heatmaps” cheat and instead of running a diffusion algorithm just draw blurry transparent dots. When they overlap it looks a lot like a heatmap, but you never get the full diffusion. It’s a reasonable compromise for a lot of applications (and way faster, particularly since it’s GPU-friendly) but it’s a compromise I’m hoping to avoid. See also this technical discussion.

Another key thing is how map zooming is handled. The heat blobs are really rendered in terms of pixels, not meters or geographic degrees, so the heatmap picture needs to be re-rendered at every zoom level. Some of the libraries look like they just render one image and raster scale it to match the zoom. The behavior I want is visible in this demo: notice how the blobs get more detailed when you zoom in.

Anyway, here’s my quick review of the 7 plugins:

In summary: Leaflet.heat is the one I want. It’s the only library that recalculates on zoom. The downside is it’s not a true heatmap. I think that actually matters for my application (I expect a lot of dwell time in one place) but it’s a compromise I can accept.

Worth keeping an eye on mourner’s WebGL work for mapbox.js too; I’d rather just use vanilla Leaflet though. But his demo looks great.