Nelson's log


My friend Brad and I launched Wanderings, a simple location tracker app for iPhone and Web. Put it on your phone and forget about it, come back a few weeks later to have a nice heatmap of where you’ve been. It was inspired by the late lamented OpenPaths. See also Google Timeline, which is much fancier but doesn’t have a heatmap.

I was inspired to start working on this while traveling in Berlin. I just want to know where I’ve been, you know? I don’t know anything about building iPhone apps but fortunately Brad does.

The best part of the app is that we went serverless; we don’t have our own database or server processing location points anywhere. The iPhone app uploads directly to iCloud. Javascript in the web page downloads it directly and renders it. That’s good for privacy and also simplicity. I seem to be building all my web apps this way these days; Logs of Lag, Wind History, etc all work without significant server components. Sure is easy to scale and maintain.

Some of the interesting stuff we use:

We have lots of ideas for future features. Some particular ideas I’m excited to do:

It’s a modest project but I’m proud of it.