Dexie is good software

I’m really glad I chose to use Dexie as my interface for IndexedDb storage in browsers.

Mostly it’s just really professionally packaged. The docs are great. The basic API is very simple to use. Where things get complicated they make right choices. Like bulkAdd() will abort if you’re inside a transaction and try to add on top of some duplicate keys unless you explicitly override that. But outside of a transaction it’ll just do its best to add data that doesn’t conflict and log a warning.

It also has nice support for schema migration. I haven’t stressed this too hard, but adding new columns works nicely and transparently for users. It has simple support for writing custom migration functions, too.

Dexie supports some fairly complex interactions with the database. All I’ve had to do is simple things and I appreciate that simple things are simple. But it looks good for doing complicated things, too.