Plotter greeting cards

Finally made some purpose-driven art with the AxiDraw; a design for use on custom greeting cards. Materials are some Pentel felt tip pens on simple 80lb cardstock. Nothing fancy but I like the result.

Unfortunately the effect doesn’t photograph well. What’s here are a bunch of nested squares drawn in alternating colors. On the left is medium blue over pale purple, on the right is medium blue over a light orange. The effect is a weird op/art blending though, it looks like a complicated mottled texture rather than a bunch of distinct lines.

There’s one clever trick here.. the underlying color is drawn with straight lines, but the overlay color was drawn with some noise thanks to vpype’s squiggle filter. That gives the whole thing a less machine-drawn feel and lets a bit more of the undercolor seep out. I still wanted to have the feel of a page filled with color though, so there’s little to no white paper showing through.

I love some of the artifacts here. Particularly on the border, where there’s a software crop. The little dots of ink as the pen rests are great. I’m less excited about the dots in the middle. I used reloop to randomize their positions some but that only really works great on the squiggle layer (on the straight layer there’s only 4 possible start spots for each loop). I should try this with higher quality pens that don’t bleed ink at all, it’d look cleaner. Maybe the squiggle noise is all I need for crunchiness.

Here’s a closeup of a rasterization of the lines showing the squiggle trick. You want to zoom this image to 100% for it to make sense.