Starlink obstruction map

Sometime around June 3 Starlink pushed a handy new feature, a full map of obstructions in Dishy’s view. Previously it only told you about obstructions in each of 12 slices of the circle; now it’s got a two dimensional map.

That corresponds to what I expected; I have a tall tree to the Northeast. Not sure about the lesser blob to the north but presumably it’s a second tree. Unfortunately while these obstructions look small they really do affect my connection meaningfully. Dishy spends most of its time looking to the north so that side matters more.

FWIW the way this feature seems to work is a new gRPC endpoint in Dishy itself called dish_get_obstruction_map. The older 1752790c firmware doesn’t support it; I only started seeing the map when I upgraded to db6b5d22. That was release about June 3.

(Vaguely related; I maintain a crowdsourced list of Dishy firmware revisions.)