GoodReads for games

I love GoodReads. It’s terrific having a giant list of books I’ve read and my thoughts about them. Also it’s got a nice community, a low key social network. There’s a lot of reasons to complain post-Amazon-acquisition, particularly about how little development the site gets, but it’s still good.

I’ve never managed to get into Letterboxd, the equivalent popular site for movies. I’ve started using it again recently and am doing a little better but I sure wish I had notes on the 500+ movies I’ve watched in my life, particularly back when I was watching 3 movies a week.

So what about video games? I went looking and found various options. See also this list. “Reviews” refers to folks who at least entered a rating for the game. I’m using three games to compare user populations: Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart (2021), No Man’s Sky (2016), and Majora’s Mask (2000).


No Man’s Sky: 3005 users, 1026 reviews
Rift Apart: 274 users, 116 reviews.
Majora’s Mask: 5404 users, 2754 reviews

Steam import implemented
Export implemented


No Man’s Sky: 350 users, 44 reviews.
Rift Apart: 337 users, 129 reviews
Majora’s Mask: 60 users, 51 reviews

Steam import on roadmap
Export not mentioned?

Backloggd (numbers approximate)

No Man’s Sky: 1500 users, 900 reviews.
Rift Apart: 446 users, 380 reviews
Majora’s Mask: 4200 users, 2500 reviews

Steam import on roadmap
Export on roadmap

HowLongToBeat (backlogs + beat)

No Man’s Sky: 2700 users, 256 reviews
Rift Apart: 1000 users, 285 reviews
Majora’s Mask: 2500 users, 516 reviews

Steam import implemented
Export implemented

Main conclusion from that is GG is a much smaller userbase. Anecdotally, Backloggd shows up in recent discussions on ResetEra, etc. Grouvee and HowLongToBeat have been around longer. I also think it looks like Backloggd is as popular as Grouvee now but missed out a few years ago when No Man’s Sky came out. I like how many folks on these platforms rate Majora’s Mask, that’s a classic and sophisticated game for folks to know.

I like that Grouvee and HowLongToBeat already has the import and export features I want.