Time zones that are UTC

Sometimes it’s useful to set a clock to UTC. Say, your camera when you’re travelling; better to label all the photos with one consistent time IMHO. Some consumer UIs don’t let you choose UTC or GMT since they aren’t attached directly to a geolocation. In that case I always set the clock to Atlantic/Reykjavik time; they haven’t done daylight savings since 1967.

The full list of UTC-like timezones are Africa/Abidjan, Africa/Bissau, Africa/Monrovia, Africa/Sao_Tome, Atlantic/Reykjavik, and America/Danmarkshavn. (Not clear many places would recognize that last one, it’s pretty obscure.) I found these by searching the database for ^\s+0:00\s+-

The timezone database is a thing of beauty as Jon Udell so nicely articulated. Sadly the text contents of all the fascinating comments aren’t easily available as a web page; I should do a project to make a static site of them.

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    1. I took a quick look and it will require a fair amount of hand work. There’s no clear formatting for “article” markers in the source database although in most cases it’s pretty obvious where you’d want to insert breaks.

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