My recent Starlink POPs and IP address changes

A thrilling list of my Starlink ISP’s point of presence, where my packets come out to the Internet. Looking at this because this past week a bunch of users including me have had a problem where their TCP sockets won’t stay open for more than a few minutes, breaking all sorts of stuff. Each date is when my IP address changed.

  • 2022-05-29: Seattle
  • 2022-06-01: Los Angeles
  • 2022-06-04: period of instability
  • 2022-06-04: LA
  • 2022-06-06: LA
  • 2022-06-07: instability
  • 2022-06-07: LA
  • 2022-06-10: LA
  • 2022-06-11: LA

I first noticed my TCP connection problem on 2022-06-07, about the time of that period of instability. It’s mostly been gone since 2022-06-08 but it came back at least a little bit today and is gone again.

The command to do this is

grep '^2022' homeip.log | fgrep -v '157.131' | fgrep -v 173.195 | uniq -c -f 2