Sunpower PVS6 web console

The Sunpower PVS monitor has a full HTML web console accessible on its internal network. The PVS acts as a full Internet router on a debug ethernet port you can plug into. If you plug a laptop into it the laptop will be online (routed through the PVS) and also serve extra stuff at It’s mostly a web view of the data in the JSON API but it’s an official debugging tool and is quite nice.

I have my RPi plugged into that debug port and am proxying all web traffic, so on my LAN I can access http://pvspi0.local/ and get at these pages.

Here’s a list of URLs that it supports. These come from this detailed comment which also describes what these URLs do. A lot of these are steps on a little configuration wizard that presumably installers use. I think all these URLs are safe to load but some clearly have buttons to press that could reconfigure or break your system. Don’t press those.

The info view is particularly good; here’s a partial screenshot (I didn’t include the serial numbers.) Three sections: the PVS as a whole, per-panel/inverter data, and then CT monitors.