Very simple Python ORMs

Starting a new project and want something to take the tedium out of a small sqlite database (like 2 tables, a few thousand rows). I don’t want to write wrappers for SQL to insert and select rows. OTOH I don’t want a complex ORM like SQLAlchemy or Django. What are my options?

  • Peewee. Well established, seems to be the consensus choice. Don’t love the code examples but they’re fine. Docs are good. Supports migrations.
  • PonyORM. The other frequently mentioned option. Has nifty metaprogramming so you can write queries in Python. But it does not support migrations.
  • Datalite. A very small binding between Python Dataclass types and sqlite tables. Docs are thin but code is small and readable. Supports migrations, surprisingly.

Based on my last project with SQLAlchemy, migration support is important. So that rules out PonyORM. Peewee and Datalite are very different in scale. I’ll start with Datalite and if it’s too limiting, consider moving to Peewee.

Update: Dan reminds me of PugSQL which is a wrapper for easy SQL execution in Python. Not really an ORM but does take the tedium out of simple SQL queries. And avoids ORM magic.

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