A few folks have subscribed to this blog recently. Welcome! I am not writing for you. I am truly, only, writing work notes for myself. Stuff I learn and don’t want to forget. You’re welcome to read along, comment, share, whatever. But this post is probably the last time I’ll ever think about what you think, dear reader.

My real blog was also intended to be written for myself but somewhere along the way became a publication medium. When I write there I care to be clear, grammatical, concise, interesting. Here, not so much.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. You were talking about not knowing an easy way to extract multiple images with SWFTools.

    This option worked for me.
    swfextract –outputformat “extract_%06d.%s” -a 1- test.swf

    It would not work for me without using the –outputformat for the generation of filenames. Also, when I run swfextract alone to see the options, the -a option was not shown. However, the wiki at http://wiki.swftools.org/wiki/Swfextract showed me how to output multiple files. Just letting you know in case someone comes across your post! I did.

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