Metadata for .m4a apple lossless (ALAC) files

My new music library is all nicely ripped Apple Lossless files in .m4a containers. These contain metadata, but it’s not id3v2 and the universe of mp3 tools mostly don’t work. ffmpeg’s ffprobe sort of works but doesn’t show all tags.

What does work for displaying m4a metadta is mp4v2, installable via Homebrew. Docs here. It seems pretty stable but still gets some updates.

(imac) = mp4file --list test.m4a
M4A    M4A,isom,mp42       32-bit  test.m4a

(imac) = mp4info test.m4a
mp4info version 1.9.1
Track	Type	Info
1	audio	alac, 260.806 secs, 562 kbps, 44100 Hz
 Name: Pastourelle (E passo de dossai: Ah! viens pres de moi), folksong for voice & orchestra (Chants d'Auvergne, Series 2, No. 1)
 Artist: Dawn Upshaw
 Composer: Joseph Canteloube
 Release Date: 1994
 Album: Canteloube: Songs of the Auvergne
 Track: 1 of 15
 Disk: 1 of 1
 Genre: Vocal Music
 BPM: 0
 Part of Compilation: no
 Cover Art pieces: 1
 Album Artist: Kent Nagano
 Media Type: Movie
 TV Episode: 0
 TV Season: 0

(imac) = mp4track --list test.m4a
track[0] id=1
  type           = audio
  enabled        = true
  inMovie        = true
  inPreview      = true
  layer          = 0
  alternateGroup = 0
  volume         = 1.0000
  width          = 0.00000000
  height         = 0.00000000
  language       = UNDEFINED(0)
  handlerName    =
  userDataName   = <absent>

(imac) = mp4art --list test.m4a
IDX     BYTES  CRC32     TYPE       FILE
  0     11255  299646cd  jpeg       test.m4a

(imac) = mp4tags
mp4tags: You must specify at least one MP4 file.
usage mp4tags OPTION... FILE...
Adds or modifies iTunes-compatible tags on MP4 files.

      -help            Display this help text and exit
      -version         Display version information and exit
  -A, -album       STR  Set the album title
  -a, -artist      STR  Set the artist information
  -b, -tempo       NUM  Set the tempo (beats per minute)
  -c, -comment     STR  Set a general comment
  -C, -copyright   STR  Set the copyright information
  -d, -disk        NUM  Set the disk number
  -D, -disks       NUM  Set the number of disks
  -e, -encodedby   STR  Set the name of the person or company who encoded the file
  -E, -tool        STR  Set the software used for encoding
  -g, -genre       STR  Set the genre name
  -G, -grouping    STR  Set the grouping name
  -H, -hdvideo     NUM  Set the HD flag (1\0)
  -i, -type        STR  Set the Media Type(tvshow, movie, music, ...)
  -I, -cnid        NUM  Set the cnID
  -l, -longdesc    NUM  Set the short description
  -L, -lyrics      NUM  Set the lyrics
  -m, -description STR  Set the short description
  -M, -episode     NUM  Set the episode number
  -n, -season      NUM  Set the season number
  -N, -network     STR  Set the TV network
  -o, -episodeid   STR  Set the TV episode ID
  -P, -picture     PTH  Set the picture as a .png
  -s, -song        STR  Set the song title
  -S  -show        STR  Set the TV show
  -t, -track       NUM  Set the track number
  -T, -tracks      NUM  Set the number of tracks
  -w, -writer      STR  Set the composer information
  -y, -year        NUM  Set the release date
  -R, -albumartist STR  Set the album artist
  -r, -remove      STR  Remove tags by code (e.g. "-r cs"
                        removes the comment and song tags)