and BSON data

A potential League of Legends nerdy project; analyze stats from games to determine which items are winning the most. is an excellent site for stats like this, but it’s reports are focussed on champions. Which champion wins the most? What items do they build?

I want to know what items win the most. There’s a theory that Iceborn Gauntlet and Sunfire Cape are both overpowered right now, for instance. Has the win rates for people who buy those items gone up in the past month? I think that’s a well defined question.

Unfortunately doesn’t answer it. But the website is open source, and the author even kindly publishes analyzed data blobs. Still not sure it has quite everything I need to do my item analysis, but it has potential

The data is in bson format. Here’s a quick and dirty way to extract, say, the data that is presented on this page

bsondump webchampionpages.bson | \
jq '. | select(.key=="Janna")' | less