Windows sshfs clients

I want to access a remote machine’s Unix filesystem via ssh, the way you’d do with sshfs and FUSE in Unix. There’s a lot of options for it.

  • SFTPNetDrive, what I’m using now. Works simply out of the box. Free for personal use, $100 for commercial use.
    Seems fine, Y: is now my remote disk. Has some reasonable customization options but nothing overwhelming. There’s an option to mount the disk as “Network, Removable, or Fixed”. I was hoping that could fake out WSL so that I could see the remote disk in the Ubuntu-on-Windows subsystem (which now supports removable disks). No such luck.
  • NetDrive, the big daddy commercial system. This provides interfaces for a whole bunch of cloud storage options: S3, OneDrive, etc. 30 day eval, then you pay $50
  • ExpanDrive, another multi-service commercial option. $50
  • sshfs-win using WinFSP. Open source FUSE-like solution. Looks promising.
  • win-sshfs, a fork of an older project (keyword: Dokan). No commits for 9 months, but does have Windows 10 support so it’s not totally dead.