San Francisco ISP woes

I love my ISP, They have solid no bullshit service, great customer support, and are generally super consumer friendly. Unfortunately they are DSL over AT&T’s copper, so they are pretty hamstrung with what they can do. And I’m stuck at 7Mbps on a single line.

I tried calling them to upgrade to bonded service and it gets very expensive very quickly. Their business service is the bonded option but it’s $90/mo for what will probably be 15Mbps for me (30 if I’m lucky with line quality). And then it comes with two phone lines I don’t want for which I have to pay another $40/mo in taxes, no choice. I assume that bundling is because Sonic is making some money just for providing phone service, but who knows.

In SF we have other technology options. MonkeyBrains offers high speed wireless, which I don’t want. Comcast and Astound offer cable Internet and are promising 50Mbps or even 110Mbps for less than wants to charge me. But Comcast is the devil. Maybe Astound is an option. Reports from friends are both have been reliable ISPs.

I called Astound. It’s $90/mo, no taxes, for 100/5 cable Internet. (That’s the price after the first year discount.) They provide service over their own coax, not sharing cable with Comcast.